Friday, June 19, 2009


A small vacation should refresh me, as I would not be thinking of the office work for sometime was my excuse to go to my grand parents place last week. In more than one ways, taking a small vacation like that is a good thing- that I would love to write as a separate post (and hopefully, will do that too). BUT back to work after the vacation is in-fact horrible. I had to deal with the two repelling like poles. Coolness (the marketing term for laziness) that I had acquired during the vacation was setting me on back-foot, while the heavy swell in office work which was waiting for me like the tide in the 'Airtel impatience add' that levitated and would fall on me once the buffering is done. I wonder if I feel any better than the rope that is being used for the tug of war between two sumo wrestlers’ groups.

Amid all this, Wednesday was the day when the work dump won over the coolness, and my workstation got me as the prize of its victory. A phone call got me back to my senses and I looked at the top right corner of my Mac where the clock showed 11 PM, feeling the shrill that there is a lot of stuff pending while my energy reserves would be over soon. The dogs that would guard our colony for free; would be waiting to show the new Joinees how to bark at the people (strangers or not is immaterial), if I reach our lane escaping the rash traffic of the outer ring road. But the workbench is grinning at me flashing the 17 bold items on my to-do list and the 10 odd un-replied mails. The dinner that I missed would have been the last of my concerns if my stomach did not complain. But with a slight pain, it is warning me that it can go on a strike if I neglect it.
Replying to the urgent mails in the most important list, and wrapping the other things, I set to home and feeling bad about the unfinished work, and feeling good about breaking the inertia with respect to the office work, while 3 other colleagues of mine are still in The Matrix waiting for their phone call.

The security guy Khan who would always give me a good night smile is looking tensed too. Then I started wondering if I saw one face that wasn’t tensed from the morning. He was tensed that he forgot to do something, he was telling me about that as if the world is goanna end tomorrow. He forgot to get the evening newspaper and put it on table. With just 3 people left in office, those too waiting eagerly to call their day off, no one would even think of the evening paper. The thought of someone getting restless about things that wouldn’t matter brought a smile on my face. As I am sure that I also contribute my part to this pool like panicking when India is loosing a cricket match, or feeling embarrassed that others on road are watching me paying fine for breaking the signal. None of them would make any difference to what I am and what I do. But… that is how I am ☺. The only solace is, I am not the only one, and I have the world of people in my company.