Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Refer to the ‘Wattha Hell Series: The introduction

The best way to get popularity these days is to get involved in a controversy. I really wonder if the people who take controversy as a short cut to the popularity really care about or respect the stand that they take in that particular controversy. The latest is the war between Raj Thakrey and Big B over Jaya Bacchan’s statements hurting the sentiments of the Marathis (while the truth is that she made some statements supporting Hindi or UP).

All the country protested when Shilpa Shetty was hectored at the Big Brother show in a foreign country. When we expect the foreign countries to respect us despite the fact that they are foreign, how can someone expect/entertain statements like Mumbai belong to Marathis. What would this do to the reputation of Marathis living in other states, leave alone those living in other countries. Ain’t this attitude a hindrance to the development of our country?

Of-course ‘wattha-hell is the first thing that came across my mind when I read about this article, but how desperate are the politicians to gather some support from the innocent public.

Wattha Hell Series: The introduction

Guys, I decided to start ‘wattha hell’ series of posts on my blog. This is not something that I am writing out of frustration, vexed with the lax ways of human lives ;) or to show my compassion for all the atrocities, obscenities of the society around me or with the concern at the plight of the country … or … or whatever.
So what is this? Inspired by my friend’s series of cartoons on his blog, I too wanted to start a series. And considering the fact that my sense of creativity is little too far for cartoons, I decided to stick up with this series.

Many a times we come across some thing or the other, be in when reading news or watching some programs on TV, happenings at work place, or general gossip where the first thing that comes as a dialogue is ‘wattha hell’. This series is all about those incidents that deserve a ‘wattha hell’.

In Short this series is dedicated to pure nonsense.
All the posts in this series will be labeled ‘wattha-hell’. If you come across anything that’s worth a lot of ‘w-h’s (now you should know that w-h means wattha hell) you can post them as comments to this post or any of the post under this label.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fried Maggi

Dho fried maggi’ I ordered at the counter in ANC(All Night Canteen) before we pulled few chairs to sit in the open air at 11 PM on an august night for a gossip. I had to skip the dinner that day as the apti (aptitude test) for the Juno Online started in the evening and went till late in the night. But I’ve nothing against them for I believed that ‘If you have something in your heart, it will be shown in your eyes' and I didn’t want to take ANY chances during my Campus Interviews. While Bhagawan ji was busy cooking the maggi, we resumed to cooking the strategies to crack the campus interviews. Here I take the opportunity to tell you the importance of having friends who can boost your confidence and make you believe in your strengths - when you need them the most, and thank Manoj for being one such. I was not sure if luck would be with me all the time that I get the questions from the very few I glanced at the last summer but this time it is definitely with me. Then started the weird feeling and prayed to god for 2 things

1. Others didn’t write the apti as well as I did (except my friends of-course)
2. Power to read the interviewer mind so that I can give him the answers he is expecting

A zap on the fast forward button, in filmi style ‘After 3 years’ (with background music of bullets firing) I sit in the ANC as one of those whose minds I wanted to read some time back, explaining my friends in Fiorano the greatness of ANC’s fried maggi.

Thank god that cars have no life/feelings etc etc, otherwise the Honda CRV would have thrown us out waaaay before we reached Pilani because of the awesome (read as awful) roads and the cool driving (I’m sarcastic here) of Delhites. But the feel of being in campus seems to be worth that entire nightmare journey to the land of Birlas’.

Listening intently to the PPT (Pre Placement Talk), (with main focus on the CTC the company has to offer this time), helping the company employees as a placements volunteer, the anxiety to see the Questions when the papers are distributed, waiting impatiently for the extra rough sheet, showing the skills in acting when the interviewer asks some puzzle that I am already aware of etc all looked familiar at the same time interesting to see from a different eye. It is like watching the audience from within the theater screen ;).

Watching the entire episode so closely, I started realizing how silently defining moments of life are made. I was a little aware of what life has for me when I accepted my offer in Fiorano. Congratulations to all those who got placed in Fiorano and for others who couldn’t clear the interview, ‘your destiny is waiting for you. It is just a matter of time you find it'.

This flight back to Bangalore is looking longer than the 30 odd hours of train journey to Delhi during college days (even though trains do not have air hostesses) marking the end of my hectic/brief stay in campus that dug out a lot of memories and added one to the same stack.