Thursday, March 26, 2009

Qualified Blogger ?

Answer any 3 of the following:

How do you add an image to the blog post?

How do you retweet your friend's tweet?

What is the wikipedia site in france named as?

What steps can you take to prevent spam commenting on your blog?

This can be one of the sections in the 5th Grade Examination paper soon.
Be prepared to teach your children about the social media, and for partime bloggers like me, watchout for a graduated batch of Bloggers who may come out some premium institutions soon.. to compete/subside us.

Okay, this may be a bit of exagitation, but the news has it that online communication and social media to be made a permanent part of the UK’s education system.

Experts from the article:

No, it is not April 1st yet. The British government is proposing that Twitter is to be taught in primary (elementary) schools as part of a wider push to make online communication and social media a permanent part of the UK’s education system. And that’s not all. Kids will be taught blogging, podcasting and how to use Wikipedia alongside Maths, English and Science.

Children will also learn “fluency” in handwriting and keyboard skills, and how to use a spellchecker. Luckily they will still be taught how to spell themselves, rather than rely on Mr Clippy.

Personally, i felt it a little funny.... But you know... the Britan way, everything has to be tought from a book... Who knows, we may soon follow that.. But one thing i wish i had in school was SPELL CHECKER. My teachers used to have a competetion in finding the maximum spelling mistakes in my paper. Every time each one of them would feel that they have definitely won after correcting my paper, as that would be the maximum spell mistakes in the history so far.
When i search google for SoAnadSo and it asks me do yo mean SoAndSo?, I used to wonder "How do u know that.. Are you Mr Brahmaiah (my english teacher in college)",

I wonder how my life would be without a spell checker.... Horibal (i mean.. a misspelt horrible)

Hope the next gen kids will not face any problems with spellings like me, if spell checker is made a part of the education system.

P.S: I am writing this post without a spell chekar, and leave the competetion of finding mistakes to you.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Accelarators: Welcome to Internet Explorer 8

Welcome to Internet Explorer 8: "Before you begin browsing, take a few seconds to discover two of our new time-saving features.
What's New
Get things done faster with Accelerators

Start searching, mapping, emailing, and translating from the page you're already on without navigating to other websites.
Watch a video to learn how to use Accelerators."

All that it took for me to post this blog, is a right-click on my internet explorer, and use the "Accelerator" to post it on to my blogger.
I am not a big fan of microsoft, but i liked this feature.. A very good use of the web services.

But could have been better, if it could copy the image I selected to the blogger.
Considering it is microsoft, you can't ask for more.

Waah !! even blogger !!! I cant add label to this post from the blogger webservice that IE opens up

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Awesome Students

Refer to the ‘Wattha Hell Series: The introduction

Long time since i've found something for my wattha hell series..
Not that I am finding the world perfect, its just that I am bored of these "how much is too much?" news... Pols, terrorism etc

My Yahoo mail today has a surprise mail

The mail is from some one who apparently wanted some help on the project that i have presented a paper on, some 3 years back in "Map India" conference.

Considering the fact that he wanted help on some project he has seen on internet, this mail of his definitely qualifies for the wattha hell series..
No more commentary on the mail, read it for yourself..

Now I am definitely not thinking about sending my project report to him, but thinking whether this Manglorean can sue me if I dont reply politely.