Sunday, June 29, 2008

Live Differently

Are you one of those who want to live differently? Do you take extra care to make sure your presence is felt and respected? Do you dream of, yourself as an emperor in the world of yours? Then this one is just for you. Am not talking about an empire or something here, but a house (an apartment rather) that matches the hype I’ve given. If you are one of those who follow news regularly, you might have heard of this “World's first rotating skyscraper unveiled in Dubai”. The 420-meter (1,378-foot) building features 80 apartments that spin a full 360 degrees around a central column by means of 79 power-generating wind turbines located between each floor.

I am trying my best not to mull over the questions my mediocre physics had raised on the stability of such a huge structure which is free to rotate at its will (or rather at the will of its master). Check this video out to understand how different people think. An expert of the video is the architect David Fisher challenging one of the fundamental techniques in constructions that the structures are to be built to resist wind. And this guy has just taken a U turn to make use of the same wind energy to rotate them.

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May be there will be a time in future when we see intelligent buildings that think, move and even fight among themselves. May be a subject for a fiction movie/novel something like “raise of the buildings” or “battle of the edifices”? (Gosh I am getting creative ☺).

Coming back to reality, rotating apartments is all you have as of now. The apartments will take between one and three hours to make a complete rotation, and at 30,000 dollars per square meters, Just about 36 million dollars (Rs150 crores) for a home. And not just it, there is another trade off. You have to move to Dubai if u are interested in this. (Yes, this is being constructed in Dubai). Too much to spend for a house huh? There are things that money can’t buy, but for others my salary is not enuf ☹


  1. its nice to see some one among us actively blogging about different aspects of life one comes across....
    and it is indeed inspiring that u have moved from the stage of Amateur to PRO in very less time.... may be thats is wat it means "living differently"...... Bravo :) !!

  2. blogrolled buddy :) good to see u blogging, shl go thru ur entire page sometime. tc

  3. @Candy, Tnx buddy for ur encouragement. Will surely help me keep going :)

    @vee, hope to have some reviews from expert bloggers like you :)

    By the way, any of u have plans of owning an appartment in context? If so let me know, i dont mind paying a vist even to dubai for that ;)

  4. cool post man! so what r u planning to do? moving to dubai eh?

  5. No dude,

    I dont like dubai (better than saying 'have no money to afford it ' ;) )

  6. Cool sandy... very good article... Really interseting, when going through the blog.
    I have an idea to attract some more junta. If u like, u can include tha.
    How will it be if we inlcude some kind of tips(Internet) in the blog, as an other column.
    For Ex: Check the mail that i have sent to ur gmail today. "Efefctive usage of Google". What I mean to say is, placing all the rare things available in net, which people most likely to use, at a single place (our blog) makes junta to stick to it.

    Anyway, we slowly include different kinds into it and make it popular. And hope it becomes the starting step, for the ventures that we gonna make in future.

  7. Reminds me of the Rotating Tower that we did we for APOGEE....!

  8. tnx kolla :) for ur advice.
    I started with adding news items that can be interesting, from my google reader.