Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wattha Hell Series: The introduction

Guys, I decided to start ‘wattha hell’ series of posts on my blog. This is not something that I am writing out of frustration, vexed with the lax ways of human lives ;) or to show my compassion for all the atrocities, obscenities of the society around me or with the concern at the plight of the country … or … or whatever.
So what is this? Inspired by my friend’s series of cartoons on his blog, I too wanted to start a series. And considering the fact that my sense of creativity is little too far for cartoons, I decided to stick up with this series.

Many a times we come across some thing or the other, be in when reading news or watching some programs on TV, happenings at work place, or general gossip where the first thing that comes as a dialogue is ‘wattha hell’. This series is all about those incidents that deserve a ‘wattha hell’.

In Short this series is dedicated to pure nonsense.
All the posts in this series will be labeled ‘wattha-hell’. If you come across anything that’s worth a lot of ‘w-h’s (now you should know that w-h means wattha hell) you can post them as comments to this post or any of the post under this label.

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  1. hey sandy i think this series will be good dude...carry on the work regularly.....

    By the way i posted my third strip too

    Happy Blogging !!!