Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Tribute

Love at first sight was a myth, until it happened to me. These were my initial days in Bangalore, one of the Sundays… was roaming around marathalli with friends. Nothing under the sky has changed. The same traffic jammed roads of Bangalore, the buildings of the shops’ anxiously gazing to encroach any available land before them, the ruthless auto drivers ready to run over anyone on the way (whom I hated the most for their ridiculous fares and the harshness in driving and otherwise). But they all seemed interestingly pleasant.
Definitely … love is in the air...

As there is nothing else to do we went into one of those numerous shops in there. A cool breeze greeted me into the shop. Was not sure if it is the breeze of the AC or the presence of her that made me twirl my head, but I couldn’t take my looks off her for a minute. That minute seemed longer than an era and shorter than an eye blink. Her perfect looks, her smile like a flash… I am not a PhD in BS (Beauty Sciences not Bu** S**t), but I knew that she is the epitome of beauty. I instantly knew that her company would make my life colorful.

Frns said “go for her”… parents said a BIG NO… The fight was big with all the electronic media as the battleground. Email, chat, phone, fax, sms… no means was left untouched in frns and family giving me suggestions in favor or disapproval of my decision. The battle ended when I said “enough” and walked to the shop where I saw her first and… bought her for 25K to make her “My Nokia N73”.

Yeah I am talking about my mobile… the first gadget that I bought for myself after I started earning, that was in my company for the last 2 years. The 3 MP camera made sure that all those happy moments with friends are captured and stored safely, my source of entertainment with a high-quality music player, not to forget the GPRS and the great experience brought by the web browser. The best moment that’s captured… I think was Amir Khan’s visit to our office campus for shooting Gajani.

Given the careless guy I am, there is no wonder that I lost my mobile. But it hurts to part something that has been the very part of my life all these years. Something that’s been with me in my good and bad times, happy and unhappy moments bringing me all those tidings from across the world that I am part of.

This blog is a tribute to my dear one, which is no longer with me. For me she was a part of my life… But for someone who stole it, its a second hand- 2 years used and worn out mobile, without any accessories. I wonder how much he expects to make out of selling such stuff leaving the real owner in a total mess (trust me… apart from all these psenti feeling, loosing all the contacts, number, messages, snaps leaves you in a real mess)


  1. I know it feels bad to lose a mobile to which we get used for long! Those moments we capture, those undeleted smses and all those small little things do matter in a sensible way. And losing contacts leaves us in another big mess.

  2. Hi sandy! Iam happy to see a well depicted post and sad to hear the news. Even i suffered a similar disaster. I bought a new SonyEricsson, W910i last month. Was dying to have the mobile and spent around 13.5 K on it. The largest amount i have ever spent.

    Some of my relatives visited my house, and we went to domlur to meet my aunt. On the way back, we got a bus till marathalli and was waiting near the bridge, along with my relatives to catch a bus to Whitefield. I got a call while i was waiting for the bus, answered the call and placed the mobile back in my trouser pocket.

    When the bus came, i allowed all my relatives to board the bus, and then i was the last one to get in, when one fellow was trying to get into the bus at the sametime, i was cautious and placed my right hand over the backpocket where i had my purse and was touching the front pocket where i had my mobile at the same time.

    He got into the bus along with me and went past me into the bus. I removed my hand and was giving money to the conductor for tickets, when the same fellow hit me and got down the bus.

    When, i said to my mom, "this fellow struggled to get into the bus and got down immediately when the bus started" We were near to the bus driver and were standing. The bus driver who heard me saying this, stopped the bus and asked me to check my pockets. When i checked my front pockets my new mobile, which i bought only 5 days back was gone.

    I was shocked. The cheat had such a knack to steal the mobile from my pocket in 1 or 2 seconds. I understand the mess. I feel so bad and so lost. Its so difficult to recover from the loss.

    It just happened. there is nothing we can do

  3. Oh Boy..

    Ur plight is even bitter...
    My Sympathies are with you and ur mobile...

  4. sandy, for a moment i thought it was a true love story and was appreciating you for sharing it frankly :D But then you talked abt your mobile. Even I lost my mobile in hyd RTC bus.. but never mind it was Nokia 1110.. But I took a strong resolution not to buy costly phones until I have a own bike or a car. Wonder when this will come true!!

  5. wow...

    Good to see that i've a lot of company :-)

    But it was a true love story and i was sharing it frankly :P

    Hope u buy a costly mobile (with ur resolution intact) very soon..