Monday, April 14, 2014

To my fellow Bangaloreans

This is with a disappointment and rather a sense of guilt that I am writing this post. All my attempts to get my voter enrollment bombed, thanks to my crazy travel schedule among other things. I am not voting this time :(
So it only makes sense for me to appeal to those of you who have a chance to vote, not to miss that opportunity. And since, I have declared my loyalties long time ago, I will not make one of those sweeping statements.

Do your bit to give a strong and stable leadership to your country. Vote for BJP.
I will not be writing a long post this time, just a few very important points.

Misconceptions you should get over:
  1. Don't be boxed into the 'secular vote' nonsense. Those asking for 'secular vote' are posing a threat to our secular fabric by bringing religion into elections. BJP is as secular, if not more secular than Congress (or its B team AAP).
  2. Congress and BJP are not on the same plane with respect to corruption. Kalmadi's (A small fish in Congress's pond) corruption is bigger than all the corruption charges of all leaders in all the BJP ruled states put together.
  3. AAP is just a spoilsport. Even AK said winning Varanasi and Ameti is his only priority. Don't waste your vote there.
  4. You don't have to vote for NOTA, just because it is introduced (or because you are disillusioned with AAP). You will have more elections where that might option become relevant (like the assembly, local body elections etc or even national elections at some point). Now is not the time.

Real Issues:
  1. Jobs - you may be employed. But think about all those people who are graduating every year, and the companies doing fresher drives for 2012 pass-outs till date. Even your jobs are not so much secure, with our very own Nandan Nilekani pitching for reservations in private sector.
  2. Inflation and price rise- The fact that "NO AMOUNT OF MONEY IS SUFFICIENT FOR YOUR RETIREMENT" may serve the insurance companies well. But that is a real scary thought with the inflation rates that are on the cards now.
  3. Development - it matters. The only person/party talking development is BJP/Modi.
  4. National Security (and pride) - if not pride, security cannot be ruled out. 26/11, kargil for profits, INS Sindhuratna, Serial Bomb Blasts in Bangalore in 2013. Those are not emotions for a day.
Think about all these for a moment, for a day, because others may not be thinking about any of this. They may just be taking their 2000/- and a liquor bottle for voting.

After all this, if you are:
  1. Not voting like me, who couldn't get your name on the list or if you are not in town or if you are voting elsewhere- spread this message, in your own way.
  2. Not voting, even if you have your name on the voter list (may be because you hate lines or you have work or you hate politics), don't claim that you care for your country. Seriously, your vote matters- go and vote.
  3. If you are voting, but voting for congress- you will have to live with this decision for another 5 years. Don't think that you are voting for your MP (or something else) and rest of the country will somehow magically get Modi to power.
  4. If you are voting for AAP or NOTA, your vote is worth more. Think about it.
  5. If you were anyway voting for BJP, go ahead.
  6. If you were doing something between 2 to 4 and ended up voting for Modi (BJP) after this post- you are helping me repay my sin of not voting this time!

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