Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cultural Shock

Refer to the ‘Wattha Hell Series: The introduction'

I seriously wanted my next post in this series non-political, but looks like the theme 'wattha-hell' and politics have cohesion beyond my imagination.

Flirting at its heights - head of a nation while representing his nation……. desperate in his attempts to amaze a woman (who also is representing her nation)…… in public…… in a ‘supposed to be a diplomatic’ meet….... when the whole world is sympathizing him on his wife’s death (former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto). Yeah I am talking about what happened when Pakistan president Zardari met Sarah Palin, US Republican vice-presidential nominee.

''Now I know why the whole of America is crazy about you.'' says Mr Zardari who proves himself crazier than all of them. This one is the masterpiece - when the reporter asked them to shake hands for a pose our Zardari turned it really on to Palin “If he is insisting, I might hug you” lol ☺ Complete link here.

Can any thing be humorous than this? Of-course there is. Only politics can beat politics. The honored president got a fatwa. Now wait, while getting a blame for whatever he has done is fine, this one has a little twist. The crime according to the fatwa is trails to turn on a non-islam woman wearing skirts.
May be Mr Zardari in all his goodwill, wanted to have a good relationship with America(an).


  1. even i've been through this article, turns of really funny! its the charm of US Vice Presidential candidate Miss. Palin, people can't resist flirting with her. =))

  2. true.. but in public is a little too much ;)