Wednesday, November 12, 2008

$S for Domain Name

Refer to the ‘Wattha Hell Series: The introduction

Last week has been a bit busy for me with no time to read my RSS feeds. A list of 999 feeds showed up (The maximum that my Google reader would show).
Was quickly glancing through the reader, making the max use of “Mark all as read” button on the top of the page. But this one caught my attention. Not sure if it the “what recession?” phrase in the title or the $1 Million - which is a lot of money (or the picture in the post :P) that pulled my attention, but ‘wattha-hell’ was the immediate reaction after reading it.

The news is:
Privately-owned PriveCo, which specializes in retailing embarrassing products online, has paid $1 million for the acquisition of the domain name

May be I am jealous, that some one could make a Million $s just by selling a domain name, but there are lot many reasons that makes me feel that this one deserves a ‘w-h’. A dedicated site to sell these products, ships 1500+ packages a week. And they claim that they are ahead of the competition (which means that there is competition too). And they could spare 1 million just to buy a domain name. Never thought that in this interesting world, domain name can also be an investment.


  1. Dude,

    Your article was good but I don't feel 'w-h' word neither for the number of items they ship for a week nor the money. The surprising fact is they paid the money when the whole world is facing recession.

  2. May be recession is not effecting this market at all..

    Looks like a good business Idea.. dosen't it ? something that has no effect of recession

  3. I want to squat on couple of domain names some time back. But, I didn't and it was later taken over by an FMCG major. :-(

  4. @Bhanu

    What i heard is that as long as you have some content on the site that is related to the name, then u will have good chance to win over.

  5. Another one in the same real-estate category:

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