Thursday, March 5, 2009

Awesome Students

Refer to the ‘Wattha Hell Series: The introduction

Long time since i've found something for my wattha hell series..
Not that I am finding the world perfect, its just that I am bored of these "how much is too much?" news... Pols, terrorism etc

My Yahoo mail today has a surprise mail

The mail is from some one who apparently wanted some help on the project that i have presented a paper on, some 3 years back in "Map India" conference.

Considering the fact that he wanted help on some project he has seen on internet, this mail of his definitely qualifies for the wattha hell series..
No more commentary on the mail, read it for yourself..

Now I am definitely not thinking about sending my project report to him, but thinking whether this Manglorean can sue me if I dont reply politely.


  1. he he... the complete paper is also on the net... why does he want our report?

  2. ture.. :-)
    for a moment i thoght of replying him to "go take the paper from the same site you've seen it".
    But felt that he is not even worth it.

  3. u didnt blur the name properly. I could make out the name of the person :D

  4. Yeah.. u r right..

    News channels style :P
    Blurred only for legal reasons ;)