Thursday, January 7, 2010

It is not my story

Refer to the ‘Wattha Hell Series: The introduction'

It is not my story

If not for that not, the above sentence is heard a lot these days from the India’s best selling author Chetan Bhagat hereinafter called CB. The term of CB means and includes his respective names, nicknames, pen names and extra hyped publicity. (if you want to know more about the controversy, this is your hot stop)
My interest in the topic this time – for a change is not because it managed to reach the top of the crap news that Bangalore Times sells. But because I hold high regards for both the parties involved in the controversy. I am a big fan of direction/plot/screen play of the Munna Bahi series (and 3 idiots just took that regard to the new level), and the other guy for his speeches and columns (I personally feel that his books are crap)

I read this on CB’s blog "I don’t need anything. Even if I have no more movies made on my stories or nobody wants to read my books and columns, I’ll happily join ISKCON and dedicate my life to Krishna. But I will not shy away from the truth – ever." and I felt, what a guy – all the logic in his blog is unquestionable! India needs politicians like him. And then thought about it for a while and felt, what a crap – no surprise if he becomes a politician soon. If this guy talks so much of logic now, what stopped him from using a pitch of it during his involvement in the whole project?

Well, but let’s not take things too seriously. These guys - both CB and 3 idiots team are doing their job – to keep people entertained and give media a bone to bite.
From his blog, looks like CB (along with his fans) has moved on, without getting any of the credits - for what he fought. But what he got is a percentage increase in this fan following, increase in sales of his book and his popularity. I was doing a Google search for some “check” and when I typed “che”, it suggested chetan bhagat (while chess. check, cheap all start with che). Look at his whuffie bank stats for a visual clue of that he achieved – popularity. His books are there for 5 years and he is aleady FAMOUS. But the stats say differently. ( i mean not just this analytics bit, but how often did you hear him in the media pannel discussions before this issue?)

Read my book, watch the movie – and then you decide” is what he has to say. In the gusto of being a judge, looks like junta are doing both – reading book and watching movie. The sales of his books have been shot up by 30% apparently and 3 idiots movie is crossing breaching all the box office records.
I’ll not be hesitant to believe any rumor saying that this is a self-created melodrama – after all he is an IIM alumni and ex-Investment Banker, who has to now live solely on writings.

By the way, if CB gets his due credit for the movie - will the title be changed to 4 idiots?

P.S 1: Since I borrowed most of his dialogues (not sure of the percentage), not to create any controversy, I am giving this post’s credits to CB (that too before any other end rolls)
P.S 2: Did not include 3idiots team, as they don’t take this credits funda seriously


  1. c'mon sandy..why are you targeting poor CB for claiming the credit for the story.. you see, it's human nature. for instance, somebody else created a big project out of your own idea (though enhanced a lot on the final product), you can't resist telling ppl standing next to you that "it was my idea initially". Yes of course YOU were indeed the root point. YOU very much deserve the credit.
    It hurts your inside places that you're not being credited for any of it. isn't it? So is he!
    Okay here the case deviates a lil bit as they gave him credit someplace at the end of the movie where he claims for more.
    Placing a full frontal attack on CB alone triggered this furious comment!
    Anywayz i liked your punchline
    "if CB gets his due credit for the movie - will the title be changed to 4 idiots?"
    --though i disagree on its literal meaning.


  2. Thanks Srikanth


    But he still has moved on... just happy with the hype he got...

    BTW all the points in the post are still factual, but not many will quite recognize it

  3. hmmm yes. nice analysis my dear.
    and your writings hav always been my favorite...


  4. I totally agree with SATISH, its not fair to fire on CB (the pen name you have given :)) like this...

    Well he might have probably needed some more credit keeping the fact in mind that the baseline of the story started from this book..... As a future Writer/Author you might wanna rethink on this blog :)

  5. Agree with what?
    That he never cared about the agreement when he made one... and now making a lot of noise in public?
    Whether intentional or not he didn't get what he wanted - credits. But got a lot more - money and hype.. Thatz the whole point i'm trying to make

  6. dude, well said. it's not the question that matters now, it's the answer given by the aam junta. both the parties profited in this issue